Ana Miranda

Business Development Manager for Telecommunications, Risk & Fraud division, INFORM
Director Customer Experience Management, INFORM GmbH

The future is here: How is cutting-edge technology revolutionising Customer Experience?

[Day 1 (June 6, 2023)]
10:25 – 10:45
Theme: The future is here: How is cutting- edge technology revolutionising Customer Experience?


Technologies continue to evolve at a fast pace and it is likely that the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Customer Experience management will continue to grow and become even more impactful. AI is rapidly changing the way we interact with our customers. With its ability to analyse large sets of data, as well as offer personalised insights and recommendations, it has become an essential tool providing a unique view of Customer Experience drivers by combining the most modern technologies – e.g. fuzzy logic, real-time profiling and machine learning.
Learn more about how to start the mission of building the digital decision-making platform to achieve business objectives – personalisation, insights difficult to detect using standard models, improve services with predictive analytics and increase efficiency by automating routine tasks.


Ana Miranda is a Business Development Manager for Telecommunications in the Risk & Fraud division of INFORM GmbH.
Prior to joining INFORM GmbH in 2021, Ana acquired extensive experience in international sales and business development, having worked with the leading Telecom Operators Risk Management divisions across Europe.