Andrew Collinson

EVP and Chief Research Officer, STL Partners
STL Partners

"A new model of growth in telecoms: how to 'think different' and succeed in practice"

[Day 1 (June 6, 2023)]
09:10 - 09:25
Theme: "A new model of growth in telecoms: how to 'think different' and succeed in practice"


Andrew Collinson will outline how to make sense of what’s going on in telecoms, the new model of success emerging as a result – and what to do about it.

Every day it seems we are presented with new challenges, but are they meaningful and if so what should we do?

  • “Hyperscalers will eat our lunch!”
  • “AI will take your jobs!”
  • “We need to move ‘telco to techco and have a growth mindset!’”
  • “Technology buzzword du jour: ‘automation / 5G / metaverse / APIs / IOT / cloud’ = the next big thing!”
  • “9 billion people by 2050 / climate change >1.5 degrees / geopolitics …” etc.

Andrew will share an analysis that gives a simple framework to cut down the “mental clutter” and harness the drivers to meaningful actions, show examples of new telecoms innovations that address the opportunities, and suggest how to make it work for us in our careers and roles.


Andrew is STL Partners’ Chief Research Officer, shaping the leading edge of the industry’s strategic thinking and guiding STL Partners’ research and IP development. Prior to 15 years building STL’s research business with global clients, Andrew worked for nearly 20 years in an operator group in a range of roles from network R&D through operations, strategy and marketing, in mobile, fixed and new services. He holds an MBA from Warwick and an BSc in Medical Physics from Exeter.