Catherine Bals

Sustainability Department Lead
Sustainability Department Lead and Proximus Foundation Chair

"Why Sustainability for telcos is a matter for all"

[Day 1 (June 6, 2023)]
09:40 - 09:55
Theme: "Why Sustainability for telcos is a matter for all"


The Net Zero challenge is gigantic. To stick to the 1.5°C increase, we need a 50%+ reduction of emissions by 2030, whilst emissions haven’t yet peaked. Companies are expected to play a big part in this systemic change. The telecom sector is estimated to be responsible for 1.6% of global CO2eq emissions, close to aviation. Direct emissions from fossil fuel combustion (scope 1) and indirect emissions from electricity (scope 2) account for a small part. Over 2/3 comes from the indirect emissions generated by what Telcos buy and sell (scope 3). Therefore the way we deal with what we buy and how we build both the products and the services we bring to the market  is by far our biggest challenge and therefore also a matter for all!


Catherine Bals is within Proximus, the leading Belgian telecom operator, responsible for sustainability. Before Proximus, Catherine was a marketeer, brand & reputation builder for over 15 years in the international telecommunication sector where she translated company goals into a strategic vision to guarantee a future proof positioning and build a solid brand. Since she joined Proximus she has first been responsible for the corporate communication of the consumer and customer operations business unit before coordinating and implementing the strategic transformation of customer service. The last couple of years, she has been heading the development of the Proximus sustainability strategy, overseeing all sustainability related topics to ensure Proximus boldly builds a connected world, that people trust so society blooms today & tomorrow!